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Scholarship Program Expands to 31 Scholars

(October 2015) 4Life Service Director Tracie Kay visited Rizal, Philippines to award 31 students with scholarships to help them continue with their education. Previously, their families had endured financial hardships to give them the opportunity to attend school. The scholars and one parent each were invited to a celebration dinner at the 4Life Philippines office. They were greeted by local distributors who came to support the event and share words of encouragement with the students. In conjunction with the announcement, students, distributors, and 4Life Philippines staff members joined together in a service project as part of its ongoing commitment to support Dona Justa Guido Memorial School. The group assembled 1,100 backpacks with school supplies and a personal reading book. The Foundation 4Life community service project in Rizal includes educational scholarships, a new library and bathroom facilities at the school, and structures placed throughout the community to serve warm meals to children before and after school. “When I see my mother work long hours to provide for my needs, it motivates me to do my best in school,” said 15-year-old Alexa Salvador Barleta. “The Foundation 4Life scholarship gives me financial support for my education. 4Life distributors are angels who help kids like me accomplish our dreams. Thank you for your support. When I graduate from school and get a good job, I will help less fortunate kids accomplish their dreams, too.”

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