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Two New Scholarship Recipients at St. Paul’s Youth House

(July 2016) Foundation 4Life added two college scholarship recipients, Son Dae Ung and Kang Kyung Tae, from St. Paul’s Youth House. St. Paul’s Youth Home is a welfare facility in Pusan City for abused and abandoned children that Foundation 4Life has sponsored since 2011. Son Dae Ung is 22 years old and is studying automobile production engineering at Catholic University of Daegu. Kang Kyung Tae is 18 years old, majoring in Latin American literature also at Catholic University of Daegu. The previous scholarship students, Kang Byeong Gyu and Jon Guk Han, earned their degrees in electrical engineering and computer science at Kumoh University of Technology. The goal of the scholarship program is to help children and young adults gain life skills and academic knowledge so that they can become productive citizens in their communities, in spite of their economic hardships and family dynamics. Foundation 4Life looks forward to sponsoring more students in the future. “I believe that Foundation 4Life scholarships will be of great help as these students work hard to achieve their goals,” said Director of St. Paul’s Youth House Seonghee Yoon. “I am really grateful to Foundation 4Life for helping our students.”

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