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Giving Children a Better Future in Boyarka, Ukraine

I am always amazed to hear the stories of our 4Life family members around the world working together to serve those in their communities. Even though I can’t be at all of our service events, I feel the emotion and love that was felt by our employees and distributors at each event. I love seeing how 4Life family members’ lives are changed and enriched when they come together to give comfort and aid to those in their areas.

In Boyarka, Ukraine, International Diamond Irina Bolshakova, her family members, and 4Life distributors have supported an orphanage since 2013. These distributors have created a special bond with the children and staff members of this orphanage. They have developed great friendships and treat the children like their own. The children are always so happy when 4Life family members come to visit.

Over the past few years, this 4Life team has helped remodel the gym, playground, and bedrooms. They bring gifts during holidays, donate 4Life products, and conduct classes to teach the kids simple skills such as sewing.

Irina Bolshakova said, “Thank you to 4Life, Foundation 4Life, and our Eurasia team for their sincere interest in giving these children a better future.”

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