Distributors Build a Home for Mongolian Family

Every year, distributors in the 4Life Eurasia market work together to serve people in their communities. This year, Gold International Diamonds Oyunmaa Banzragch and Narankhuu Rinchinsangi and many Mongolian distributors built a yurt for a single mother and her six children.

This mother had been praying for months for support. When 4Life distributors found her, they wanted to help.

Wearing Foundation 4Life hats and waving 4Life flags, this group of distributors gathered the supplies to build the yurt and construction began!

When the family members entered the yurt for the first time, their eyes filled with joy. The mother expressed how blessed she felt to know that people would sacrifice their time to make a better life for her and her children.

I visited with Eurasia Market Field Coordinator Svetlana Taft about what she experienced during this special event. She said, “This was the greatest experience of my life! These people were in so much need and we gave them a safe and warm place to live. Now they have a home.”

It is a Mongolian tradition to hang blue fabric from the ceiling for a blessing of love to always stay in the home. As the eldest child hung the fabric, the family was overcome with gratitude. Their home was complete.

After the construction of the yurt, neighbors gathered together with the distributors and celebrated! Traditional Mongolian music was played, and Mongolian food was prepared for all to enjoy.