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Helping Kids Go Back to School

Most children are filled with excitement as they start a new school year. They look forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, and showing off their new backpacks and school clothes to their classmates. But for some kids, a new school year can bring stress, anxiety, and even embarrassment if they don’t have basic necessities and supplies. It can also be extremely stressful for parents who may not have the means to provide what their kids need to be successful.

International Diamond Janice Skeen and the ATEAM of Ohio have been rallying together to help make going back to school a special and exciting time for children in their local community. For the past several years, the ATEAM has provided weekend snack packs for kids at Barberton West Elementary in Ohio to help supplement meals when they aren’t in school. This year, along with the snack pack program, the ATEAM also provided the lucky children with backpacks and school supplies.

Inspired by their efforts, 4Life Global Headquarters also initiated a back-to-school program for kids at Guadalupe School in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they donated hundreds of binders.

There is always an opportunity to help people in our own backyards. It is wonderful to see our 4Life distributors and employees step in and make life a little brighter for someone else.

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