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Warming The Holidays

As we go through our daily routines, it’s always important to remember that there are people around us who are in need. Their needs may be big or small. Be the one to step out of your routine and find someone to serve.

In December 2018, 4Life® employees gathered at the annual employee Christmas party to make survival goodie bags for homeless youth in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vice President of Marketing Kelly Bellerose took a moment out of her daily routine to reflect on how impactful simple acts of service can be.

"I rolled my garbage cans out to the curb this morning without gloves on my hands,” she said. “I think it took about two minutes before my hands started burning from the cold. There are 1,000 homeless youth in the Granite School District without the necessities to keep warm. It’s hard to imagine that kind of suffering. I am so proud of my co-workers who donated supplies to help these precious kids stay a bit warmer and more comfortable this winter.”

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