Foundation 4Life in China

I am so excited to share about the first Foundation 4Life project in China! In May of 2019 a library for a rural elementary school in Fujian, China was built. A ribbon ceremony was held on May 29 to commemorate the library opening at Kuitou Elementary School.

Vice President of Greater China Dave Nash attended the ceremony and spoke on behalf of 4Life. Other attendees included town Vice Secretary Li Kangzaikou and other government officials, as well as journalists, administrators, teachers, and students.

Donations were also used to provide furniture, computers, school supplies, and books for the facility. For many children, the school library is their only access to a computer. Nash: “We were thrilled to help build a library at Kuitou Elementary School to promote childhood learning. The library will provide resources to help children learn, grow, and be successful.” It is so amazing to see how our service efforts are moving around the world!