Service in Malaysia

4Life Malaysia partnered with The Selangor Children’s Charity Association, which provides housing for around 60 children, from infants to teenagers. The kids come from various backgrounds. Some were abandoned and forced to live in the streets—some have parents in prison and others were left as small babies. It is a struggle each month to keep these children fed and provide them with school supplies, and other basic needs.

When the holidays came around, Cher Lyn Tan, the General Manager of Malaysia visited the home and quickly realized they had nothing. The cupboards were bare and the fridge was empty. She informed the 4Life Malaysia office of the Association’s needs, and they joined together to stock the house with food, infant formula, diapers, and fresh fruit!

They also shared a special day with the children and treated them to a movie and lunch. After lunch, each child was able to pick out a new pair of shoes! The Malaysia office and distributors have committed to donating groceries for one year, and also to help the kids with their school fees, books, and supplies.

Trevor Luke, Director of Global Markets, said, “The children’s excitement and smiles were contagious. As we took them to shop for new

shoes, they were all so happy and so grateful. What a humbling experience.”