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Service in Singapore

In 2016, 4Life Singapore partnered with the Fei Yue Family Center, a local program that provides food and other resources to families who need a little extra help. This partnership has opened the door for 4Life Singapore members to serve more in their own communities! Through the Fei Yue Family Center, 4Life Singapore has also partnered with Admiralty Grassroots, Innova Primary School, and Singapore Sports School.

In 2019, 4Life Singapore held a food drive and carnival. 4Life Singapore employees donated canned food, cooking oil, noodles, biscuits, rice and other food items to distribute. They filled 16 cars with donations!

The carnival also had games to help families grow closer and strengthen their family relationships. There was also an educational game called “now your calories” that provided basic education for how to choose healthier foods.

The vision for this program is to perpetuate service within the community and spread the love to other nearby communities, as well.

Vincent Teo, Community Partnership Executive with the Fei Yue Centre, was so impressed with how 4Life Singapore employees stepped up and helped their own community.

He said, “We want to thank 4Life for rallying its members and staff to participate in the Admiralty Food Project. Not only did they contribute by buying food and supplies, they also packed and distributed food bags, moved food bags for the residents who needed assistance, and set up carnival stalls. At one point, some food bags lacked certain items. 4Life members took the initiative to buy items from the supermarket so that every bag would be the same.

“We want to thank 4Life for its commitment to this project and to the community. We know they will continue to support communities in need and transform lives.”

Vincent Teo | Community Partnership Executive

Fei Yue Family Centre (Champions Way)

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