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Foundation 4Life Donates Restroom Facilities to Ace Lighthouse Academy

(February 2016) 4Life Malaysia staff members and local distributors attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for new bathroom facilities at Ace Lighthouse Academy in Bentong, Pahang. Foundation 4Life has supported the Ace Lighthouse Academy since 2014, with past donations of cabinets, storage racks, and shoes, plus groceries and 4Life products every month.

The most recent donation of five toilets and one large hand washing station will improve sanitation and give kids a healthy environment in which to live and learn. “The children really enjoy the new bathroom facilities,” commented an academy caregiver. “They no longer have to wait in long lines to use the bathroom and can shower in more sanitary conditions. This will improve their hygiene and confidence.”

In addition, 4Life products were donated by the 4Life Malaysia office. As part of the ribbon-cutting event, the children residing at the academy were treated to Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizzas, and treats contributed by Foundation 4Life and local 4Life distributors.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide service at Ace Lighthouse Academy,” commented International Diamond Tan Pen Teck. “These children can now enjoy a healthy and safe living environment. Becoming involved with Foundation 4Life service projects has made my life more meaningful, and it gives me the chance to help those who are less fortunate than I am.”


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