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Fundraising Event in Indonesia

(August 2016) During an International Diamond and Founders Club Social dinner, a silent auction was held to support Foundation 4Life Community Development projects in the SOS Children’s Villages community in Cikareo. Children who attend the Foundation 4Life community center in Cikareo created paintings for the silent auction. The event raised nearly $2,000. The funds will help the community center soccer team enroll in a local league. Playing sports helps children develop talents and stay out of trouble by engaging in wholesome recreational activities.

Many distributors attended the event, including Platinum International Diamonds Jeff Altgilbers, Dr. Jase Khyeam, and Sheri Din, along with several Gold International Diamonds. Executives in attendance included Senior Vice President of International Jeff Kalinin and Vice President of International Steve Apple.

“I care deeply about Foundation 4Life, its causes, and the children that will be helped through the donation I made,” Dr. Jase Khyeam commented. “The paintings were beautiful, and so was the spirit of service I felt within the room.”


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