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Helping to Rebuild After Natural Disasters

(October 2017) Foundation 4Life teamed up with 4Life® distributors, employees, and executives to support those affected by recent natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Saint Croix. Thousands of dollars and more than 20,000 pounds of supplies were graciously donated to 4Life family members impacted by hurricanes.

Despite the tragedies, distributors and employees stepped up to help others. “Distributors saw needs and came together. Foundation 4Life jumped in and helped support their efforts,” said Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen. “In the end, it wasn’t about meals or the amount of money that was donated. It was about the kindness and courage that these distributors showed when they forgot their own needs and eagerly served their 4Life family members.”

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, 4Life employees donated, packaged, and shipped over 300 boxes of emergency supplies to provide relief to 4Life distributors and their families who lost everything. Diamond Giselly Grajales-Hurtado and other 4Life distributors coordinated delivery to 4Life family members in the region.

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, International Diamonds Veronica and Guillermo Ramirez promptly assessed the needs of distributors, bought food and water, and drove supplies to families whose homes didn’t have power. Veronica commented, “We are a team, not just to build our businesses but also to help each other in times of need.”

Days after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Mexico experienced a strong earthquake that devastated the central and southern areas of the country. Many 4Life distributors and employees were directly involved in providing service in the areas that were destroyed. Fortunately, all 4Life distributors in Mexico were safe and suffered only minor damage, if any damage at all, to their properties.

Foundation 4Life immediately went to work after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico to determine specific distributor needs. Platinum International Diamonds Juan and Damaris Rosado and other 4Life leaders in Florida quickly gathered donations and, with the help of Convention 2016 Guest Speaker Laura Posada, transported them to Puerto Rico. Once supplies reached the island, Foundation 4Life and distributors arranged transportation to distribution points. On its return, the private jet transferred people who required immediate medical attention to the United States.

Foundation 4Life made several more supply shipments, including one with 2,880 4Life Fortify® meals donated by Platinum International Diamonds Ray and Barbara Meurer, which helped the people of Corozal, Puerto Rico enjoy their first hot meal in weeks.

Foundation 4Life also sent aid to distributors on the island of Saint Croix, who were in a similar situation to those on Puerto Rico. Critical supplies such as industrial tarps, water bottles, bug spray, and more were distributed in coordination with Presidential Diamond Troy Ortiz and other key leaders.

Foundation 4Life donations will target relief efforts in Puerto Rico until the crisis period has passed. 4Life continues to match 100% of all donations, doubling the amount that benefits victims. You can help 4Life family members recover and rebuild by donating to Foundation 4Life. One hundred percent of your donations will directly benefit victims of Hurricane Maria.


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