Kids at St. Paul’s Youth House Enjoy Summer Camp

(August 2017) Kids all over the world create wonderful memories during summer vacation. In 2017, the children at St. Paul’s Youth House in Pusan City, South Korea enjoyed a memorable summer camp, thanks to the support of Foundation 4Life and 4Life® Korea. This year, 35 children and teachers from St. Paul’s Youth House and ten 4Life Korea employees attended the camp. St. Paul’s Youth House is a welfare facility in Pusan City for abused and abandoned children that Foundation 4Life has sponsored since 2011.

During the camp, attendees played games at the beach, had a barbeque dinner, enjoyed a talent show performed by the children, and went on a field trip to a religious shrine. The kids enjoyed outdoor adventures and activities, had fun, and developed social skills.

“I love seeing my friends from St. Paul’s,” commented Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Lee. “This activity was particularly meaningful because ten members of our staff participated and got to know the kids better. We all had a great time together!”

“Thank you for inviting us to this great camp to relax and have fun,” remarked Director Nun of St. Paul’s Youth House Ms. Seonghee Yoon. “Every moment of the three days was pure joy. Thank you for providing us with delicious food and enjoyable activities. I appreciate the ongoing relationship with 4Life. Although 4Life is far away from us, our hearts are always close together.”

Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does, and 4Life Korea is building lasting memories through service in its community.