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Foundation 4Life Scholarship Program Expands to South Korea

(December 2015) Foundation 4Life expanded its scholarship program to South Korea to help two college seniors finish their degrees in the coming academic year. These young men grew up in St. Paul’s Youth Home, a welfare facility in Pusan City for abused and abandoned children that Foundation 4Life has sponsored since 2011. Foundation 4Life looks forward to sponsoring two additional children in 2016 once these two students finish their university studies.

Twenty-three-year-old Kang Byeong Gu is currently studying electrical engineering and robotics at Kumoh University of Technology. He said, “When I learned that I would receive the Foundation 4Life scholarship, I was overcome with joy. This scholarship motivates me to learn more, try more, and help others in need. I’m thankful for the support and kindness that I have received from Foundation 4Life.”

The Foundation 4Life scholarship program also supports students in the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and the United States. Foundation 4Life believes that education is one of the key elements of self-sustainability. The goal of the scholarship program is to help children gain life skills and academic knowledge so that they can become productive citizens in their communities, in spite of their economic hardships and family dynamics.


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