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Support for Kindergarten 186

(July 2016) Foundation 4Life made its annual donation to Kindergarten 186 in Ulannbaatar, Mongolia, which provides education for children with special needs. Our ongoing support has helped the organization make facility improvements to provide better quality education and therapy programs for the children.

This year’s donation of $3,000 USD helped renovate one of the rooms into an exercise room with padding so children can be more active and improve their coordination and mobility. Twenty local distributors attended the donation event, including Gold International Diamonds Oyunmaa Banzragch and Narankhuu Rinchinsangi and Aleksey Egorov.

“We are fortunate to have passionate distributors in Mongolia who really care about children in need,” commented 4Life Director of International Boldmaa Nyamdoo. “Our distributors have been involved with Foundation 4Life for several years. This involvement has grown into something we all love and cherish. We’re grateful to Foundation 4Life for giving us a chance to be involved in community projects like this one.”


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