Throughout the last year the students at Doña Justa Guido Memorial School in the Philippines are still making wonderful progress. The donations received have helped each of these students thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Aquí está un saludito de los niños de la escuela Dona Justa Guido Memorial en Rizal, Filipinas. Desde el 2014, han estado mostrando señales increíbles de mejora en su educación.


Here's a little greeting from the children at the Dona Justa Guido Memorial School in Rizal, Philippines. Since 2014, they have been showing amazing signs of improvement in their education.


(October 2015) 4Life Service Director Tracie Kay visited Rizal, Philippines to award 31 students with scholarships to help them continue with their education. Previously, their families had endured financial hardships to give them the opportunity to attend school. 

The scholars and one parent each were invited to a celebration dinner at the 4Life Philippines office. They were greeted by local distributors who came to support the event and share words of encouragement with the students. 

In conjunction with the announcement, students, distributors, and 4Life Philippines staff members joined together in a service project as part of its ongoing commitment to support Dona Justa Guido Memorial School. The group assembled 1,100 backpacks with school supplies and a personal reading book. The Foundation 4Life community service project in Rizal includes educational scholarships, a new library and bathroom facilities at the school, and structures placed throughout the community to serve warm m...

(August–October 2015) In partnership with Feed The Children, Foundation 4Life sponsored the construction of new bathrooms and sinks at Dona Justa Guido Memorial School in Rizal, Philippines. The restrooms opened in August of 2015, and 4Life Service Director Tracie Kay attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony in October. This project is part of Foundation 4Life’s multi-year community development program with Dona Justa Guido Memorial School and the nearby community of Angolo. 

Sanitation is one the main objectives in the community development program and the first step toward preventing disease and promoting healthy child development. Clean water and toilets in schools are fundamental to prevent diseases in a school setting. The program also includes sanitation classes that teach children the importance of good hygiene. 

On-site bathrooms are also critical for quality academic learning so that children don’t have to walk 30 or more minutes to their homes or a community latrine. Often when...

(December 2014) A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place for the new library at Dona Justa Guido Memorial School in Rizal, Philippines. The school principal, students, teachers, Feed the Children representatives, 4Life Philippines employees, and distributors such as Gold International Diamond Manuel Koh gathered to celebrate the project made possible by Foundation 4Life and Feed the Children. Foundation 4Life made this donation as part of its five-year Community Development project in Rizal.

Students in the community were so excited to have a brand-new library, filled with books on all subjects. Foundation 4Life donated a new book to each child, because reading opens the window of knowledge and imagination. This significant donation helps the Rizal community promote literacy and education.

“It was a successful event and everyone loved witnessing all the smiles on the students’ faces," said Philippines Operations Manager Marques Apable C. Amator.

(February 2014) In January 2014, Tropical Depression Agaton forced over 400,000 Filipinos to evacuate their homes, including International Diamond Rudy Sanchez, his family, and many other 4Life family members. Intense rains even submerged most of Butuan City, Mindanao, and other neighboring areas of this Philippines region. Following a suggestion from Sanchez, the 4Life Philippines office donated flip flops to children and adults since many people had their footwear washed away with the flood. In addition, 4Life employees handed out canned goods, water, and other food items to those in need. 

This is an ongoing effort to support 4Life family members in the Butuan region, who have lost so much in the past several months. Foundation 4Life is so grateful to distributors all over the world for their support of these Filipino communities that have been repeatedly pounded by storms.

Maria lives in the Foundation 4Life-adopted village of Sitio Manggahan, Barangay, San Roque, Angono, Rizal, Philippines. As a single mother, Maria must work hard to support her four children still living at home. She does hemming, alterations, and small sewing projects, all within her one-bedroom house made of thatch. Maria is excited about the new opportunities that Foundation 4Life brings to her community to help her children learn basic skills to improve their quality of life.

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