4Life Singapore partnered with 4Life Peru to remodel a home for girls located in Lima, Peru. The 4Life Singapore team and Foundation 4Life® provided donations. 4Life Peru employees provided a new roof to help keep the girls safe and protected from bad weather and from animals getting in at night.

“The home welcomes girls from 6 to 21 years old, all of them victims of violence or family abuse. With help from Foundation 4Life, the 4Life Singapore team, and the 4Life Peru team, we have significantly improved the quality of life for the girls by improving the quality of their home.” Jorge Chacón, General Manager, Peru.

The day of service was filled with games, dancing, and a celebration for the girls, who will remember this day as one of hope and joy.It’s amazing that two of our global markets so far away from each other have accomplished this act of service together. 4Life service is not only about building our own communities, but building our 4Life family all over the world.

507 blankets and 950 hygiene items were donated by 4Life employees during the holiday season. Employees at the home office in Sandy, Utah cut and tied many, many blankets, for local kids that need a little extra warmth this Winter.

Did you know that 2.2 million children in the U.S. sleep on the floor every night? They are sleeping on couches or even sharing beds with 1-2 other kids. Foundation 4Life partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build a total of 40 bunk beds for local children. That’s 80 kids in the Granite School District that now have a bed of their own, and ultimately, a better life. Thank you to all of the 4Life employees who donated and helped to build these beds!

4Life Indonesia got together as a team and helped to renovate a local school. They painted walls, desks and chairs, helped with cleaning and basic landscaping to help beautify the school. They held a special ribbon cutting ceremony when the school was finished.

In 2016, 4Life Singapore partnered with the Fei Yue Family Center, a local program that provides food and other resources to families who need a little extra help. This partnership has opened the door for 4Life Singapore members to serve more in their own communities! Through the Fei Yue Family Center, 4Life Singapore has also partnered with Admiralty Grassroots, Innova Primary School, and Singapore Sports School.

In 2019, 4Life Singapore held a food drive and carnival. 4Life Singapore employees donated canned food, cooking oil, noodles, biscuits, rice and other food items to distribute. They filled 16 cars with  donations!

The carnival also had games to help families grow closer and strengthen their family relationships. There was also an educational game called “now your calories” that provided basic education for how to choose healthier foods.

The vision for this program is to perpetuate service within  the community and spread the love to other nearby communities, as well.

Vincent Teo,...

4Life Malaysia partnered with The Selangor Children’s Charity Association, which provides housing for around 60 children, from infants to teenagers. The kids come from various backgrounds. Some were abandoned and forced to live in the streets—some  have parents in prison and others were left as small babies. It is a struggle each month to keep these children fed and provide them with school supplies, and other basic needs.

When the holidays came around, Cher Lyn Tan, the General Manager of Malaysia visited the home and quickly realized they had nothing. The cupboards were bare and the fridge was empty. She informed the 4Life Malaysia office of the Association’s needs, and they joined together to stock the house with food, infant formula, diapers, and fresh fruit!

They also shared a special day with the children and treated them to a movie and lunch. After lunch, each child was able to pick out a new pair of shoes! The Malaysia office and distributors have committed to donating groceries...

Platinum International Diamond, Ángel Molina has been no stranger to hardship. He grew up in the humble town of Corozal, Puerto Rico. After his parents divorced, Ángel became resentful and rebellious and fell behind in school. In 4th grade, a teacher noticed his struggle and began to personally mentor him, teaching him forgiveness and hope. Her kindness helped Ángel find a new life direction and paved the way for his success and desire to serve others.

Ángel has found an opportunity to help reshape the future of young men in Puerto Rico, who have experienced the same loss of hope and resentfulness. Ángel and his wife, Ivelisse founded the Kingdom Christian Academy, a nonprofit institution in Dorado, Puerto Rico, dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children from low-income or difficult backgrounds.

Through Ángel’s involvement with the academy, he met ten high school boys at different basketball tournaments. “I could see they were talented athletes, but they lacked the dis...

One of the principals in an Orlando school district noticed that lots of kids weren’t showing up for school. He wondered why. After some investigation, he realized these kids didn’t have a way to get to school. Most of their parents worked two or three jobs to support their families. This principal thought of an incentive to get kids to school—bikes! As a reward for finishing schoolwork or getting to school on time, kids could earn bikes so they could get to and from school. At Convention 2019: RISE, 4Life distributors stepped up and built 250 bikes for these kids! Together, Building Bikes!

During the European MasterBuilderTrip in Spain, distributors and 4Life employees created this beautiful Solidarity-Puzzle. Together, 4Life Europe is building communities!

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