One of the principals in an Orlando school district noticed that lots of kids weren’t showing up for school. He wondered why. After some investigation, he realized these kids didn’t have a way to get to school. Most of their parents worked two or three jobs to support their families. This principal thought of an incentive to get kids to school—bikes! As a reward for finishing schoolwork or getting to school on time, kids could earn bikes so they could get to and from school. At Convention 2019: RISE, 4Life distributors stepped up and built 250 bikes for these kids! Together, Building Bikes!

During the European MasterBuilderTrip in Spain, distributors and 4Life employees created this beautiful Solidarity-Puzzle. Together, 4Life Europe is building communities!

E.S.T.H.E.R is a non-profit organization in Orlando, Florida that is dedicated to the emotional and physical need of single mothers. Every year Foundation 4Life partners with E.S.T.H.E.R. for a back to school event to help the kids get off to a great start. This year we help each child receive a new backpack full of new supplies, and get a new pair of shoes!

"Every year we get excited about back to school and this year is no exception. Because of Foundation 4Life we are going to be giving NEW SHOES! Can you imagine, every student will now get backpacks full of school supplies and new shoes for school! We have found a great way to buy the shoes at a discounted rate which allows us to make the donation go further and buy more NEW shoes! God is so good, and we are very thankful."

- Karen Sellers- E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mothers Outreach

The ATEAM, lead by International Diamond, Janice Skeen, in Barberton, Ohio found out that right in their own community, 78% of the children were at risk and most of these children were only eating meals when at school. The children lost the ability to concentrate during school leading to lower test scores and poor behavior.

The ATEAM stepped up and wanted to help these kids by implementing a Snack Pack & Backpack program!  The ATEAM puts together snack packs filled with food items to be given to kids who won’t have meals to eat over the weekend as well as providing backpacks and basic school supplies. This program has been successful for seven years now and the results are amazing! The students on this program increased their academic performance by 11 percentile points compared to students who were not on the program. These students also showed improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress and depression and had better attitudes about themselves, others and the sch...

 We have all felt out of place. It is never easy to start a new life in a new place. Foundation 4Life is helping make life a little easier for refugees in our community. Watch the videos to see how. 

As Foundation 4Life continues to grow and expand its reach across the globe, so does its personal impact on employees and everyday people. This May, distributors and corporate representatives, including Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, participated in the first-ever annual service trip in Bogota, Colombia. Over the course of two days, participants built eight homes in partnership with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation.

It’s been said that true service benefits both the giver and the receiver. That certainly was the case as over 100 volunteers participated with us for our first annual 4Life service trip in Colombia. In two days, we built eight homes with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation. The families who will live in these homes have worked hard to obtain the land, and they also worked with us to build the houses. It was such a joy to get to know these beautiful families and see the excitement in their kids’ faces. We helped to build the houses, but the families will make them into homes as...

Tiffany Carnal, a 4Life® distributor in Kentucky, invited Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen and me to visit the Mountain Mission School in Virginia. This school has provided a safe home for thousands of at-risk youth since 1921. Currently, more than 200 kids from more than 60 countries worldwide call Mountain Mission School home. 


We had the opportunity to tour the campus, eat lunch with the kids, and talk with them about their hopes and dreams. It was truly inspiring to listen to how they overcame challenges and made their lives better.


After our visit, we immediately wanted to do something to support the school. We went to a store and filled our carts with supplies, toys, games, and goodies for the kids. Together, we helped bring hope to a few children that day, a hope that will inspire them and give them the courage to move forward in their lives and achieve their dreams. 


When visiting special places like the Mountain Mission School, it’s always hard to put what I feel...

As we go through our daily routines, it’s always important to remember that there are people around us who are in need. Their needs may be big or small. Be the one to step out of your routine and find someone to serve.

In December 2018, 4Life® employees gathered at the annual employee Christmas party to make survival goodie bags for homeless youth in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vice President of Marketing Kelly Bellerose took a moment out of her daily routine to reflect on how impactful simple acts of service can be.

"I rolled my garbage cans out to the curb this morning without gloves on my hands,” she said. “I think it took about two minutes before my hands started burning from the cold. There are 1,000 homeless youth in the Granite School District without the necessities to keep warm. It’s hard to imagine that kind of suffering. I am so proud of my co-workers who donated supplies to help these precious kids stay a bit warmer and more comfortable this winter.”

Aquí está un saludito de los niños de la escuela Dona Justa Guido Memorial en Rizal, Filipinas. Desde el 2014, han estado mostrando señales increíbles de mejora en su educación.


Every year, distributors in the 4Life Eurasia market work together to serve people in their communities. This year, Gold International Diamonds Oyunmaa Banzragch and Narankhuu Rinchinsangi and many Mongolian distributors built a yurt for a single mother and her six children.

This mother had been praying for months for support. When 4Life distributors found her, they wanted to help.

Wearing Foundation 4Life hats and waving 4Life flags, this group of distributors gathered the supplies to build the yurt and construction began!

When the family members entered the yurt for the first time, their eyes filled with joy. The mother expressed how blessed she felt to know that people would sacrifice their time to make a better life for her and her children.

I visited with Eurasia Market Field Coordinator Svetlana Taft about what she experienced during this special event. She said, “This was the greatest experience of my life! These people were in so much need and we gave them a safe and warm place to...

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