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Foundation 4Life Sponsors Excel Awards

Foundation 4Life is always honored to support and celebrate the wonderful teachers of Utah! Here in Salt Lake City, UT, we were so excited to sponsor two teachers from the Granite District at the annual Excel Awards. Granite School District has 4,300 teachers, making it the 55th largest school district in the country. Only nine teachers and one administrator receive the annual, student-nominated Excel Award. This ranks the award process among the most rigorous educator recognition models in the state of Utah.

This year we sponsored Mr. Samuel Noyce and Mr. Tayler Khater, two of these incredible educators who went above and beyond to help their students grow and learn, but also navigate the challenges and uncertain times that 2020 brought on. These two teachers will receive $2,000 to help them with their supplies and extra support in their classrooms.

Samuel Noyce says, “Meaningful learning stems from meaningful relationships. The affirming connection between teacher and student forms the foundation of a transformative educational experience.” Tayler Khater shares with us, “I love teaching because I am teaching the greatest generation. I see a generation interested in finding solutions and leaving their communities better than how they found them, [while] demonstrating an almost inexhaustible empathy for their peers.”

Way to go Samuel and Tayler. We are so proud of you. Thank you for all you do for our students.


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