(August 2017) Kids all over the world create wonderful memories during summer vacation. In 2017, the children at St. Paul’s Youth House in Pusan City, South Korea enjoyed a memorable summer camp, thanks to the support of Foundation 4Life and 4Life® Korea. This year, 35 children and teachers from St. Paul’s Youth House and ten 4Life Korea employees attended the camp. St. Paul’s Youth House is a welfare facility in Pusan City for abused and abandoned children that Foundation 4Life has sponsored since 2011. 

During the camp, attendees played games at the beach, had a barbeque dinner, enjoyed a talent show performed by the children, and went on a field trip to a religious shrine. The kids enjoyed outdoor adventures and activities, had fun, and developed social skills. 

“I love seeing my friends from St. Paul’s,” commented Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Lee. “This activity was particularly meaningful because ten members of our staff participated and got to know the kids better. We all...

(December 2015) Foundation 4Life expanded its scholarship program to South Korea to help two college seniors finish their degrees in the coming academic year. These young men grew up in St. Paul’s Youth Home, a welfare facility in Pusan City for abused and abandoned children that Foundation 4Life has sponsored since 2011. Foundation 4Life looks forward to sponsoring two additional children in 2016 once these two students finish their university studies. 

Twenty-three-year-old Kang Byeong Gu is currently studying electrical engineering and robotics at Kumoh University of Technology. He said, “When I learned that I would receive the Foundation 4Life scholarship, I was overcome with joy. This scholarship motivates me to learn more, try more, and help others in need. I’m thankful for the support and kindness that I have received from Foundation 4Life.” 

The Foundation 4Life scholarship program also supports students in the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and the United States. Found...

(January 2015) 4Life® Korea executives and local distributors spent a wonderful evening with children from St. Paul’s Youth House. This welfare facility for abused and orphaned children is located near Pusan City. 50 people live in the house, including children, teachers, and helpers. 4Life Korea has sponsored the facility since 2011.

The evening included a lecture about self-esteem, dinner and gifts for the children, and a viewing of a basketball game. The purpose of the event was to build mentor relationships between the children and the distributors, and help the children develop important social skills for the future. Event attendees included 4Life Korea General Manager Tony Lee and Platinum International Diamond Dr. Jase Khyeam, Gold International Diamonds Kang Ok Nye, Park Mi Ae, Choi Ki A, and Ok M. Kim. 

“We always appreciate 4Life Korea’s love and support for us,” commented St. Paul’s Youth House Director Ms. Sohyun Park. “In the years to come, I hope to have even more activ...

(July 2014) 4Life Korea employees joined the kids from St. Paul’s Youth House for two days of summer fun. Since 2011, Foundation 4Life has sponsored St. Paul’s Youth House, a welfare facility in Busan City for abused and orphaned children. Children there battle the emotional effects that come from the loss of parents or violence. The activity consisted of one day of playing games at the beach and a second day of river rafting. 4Life Korea also donated t-shirts and pants to the kids. 

“Since it is summer vacation season in Korea, we wanted to give the children the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities as children in normal families often do,” said 4Life Korea General Manager Tony Lee. 

The children were thrilled to experience new things and they enjoyed every moment of their summer fun—putting away all of their troubles for two days to just be kids!

(January 2014) 4Life Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee, Japan Senior Manager of Field Development Yutaka Nagahama, and other 4Life Japan employees visited Sosei House in Okinawa, an establishment that provides care for autistic children. 4Life Japan provides ongoing support for Sosei House, including funds for exercise equipment, music therapy classes, and life skills such as sewing. The 4Life group was able to attend music therapy with the children. Additionally, the sewing machine donated by 4Life helps residents make artistic items that are later sold at local museums, giving them a chance to earn money and contribute to the local community.  

“The staff members and children are grateful for everything 4Life does for them,” commented Jenna Lisonbee. “Sosei House is a very happy place! The children enjoy being there and learning essential social and educational skills.”

(January 2014) 4Life® Korea General Manager Tony Lee; Director of Product Development Shane Lefler, PhD; Director, International Yukako Kaiser; 4Life Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee; and 4Life Korea employees visited St. Pauls Youth House, a welfare facility for abused and orphaned children. More than 40 people live in the house, including children, teachers, and helpers. 4Life Japan has sponsored the facility since 2011. 

The 4Life group took the children to 63 City, an indoor space that includes an IMAX theater, aquarium, observation deck, and wax museum. Each child received 4Life products, a diary, and a blanket. And, the entire group enjoyed lunch and dinner together. 

"4Life Korea is continuing the legacy of service by helping the children of St. Paul's home," commented Jenna. "We spent the day having fun with movies, food, a visit to an aquarium, and lots of laughter. Foundation 4Life is helping these children build a future and learn the skills to be successful. I am h...

(October 2011) 4Life Korea General Manager Tony Lee, 4Life staff members, International Diamond Sun Hyeon Jang, Presidential Diamonds Kwang Rae Jung, Young Ju Rho, Dae Soo Jang, Soon E Kim, and Kyung Soon Seo, and other 4LIfe distributors visited St. Paul’s Youth House in Gunwi-city, Gyeongsang-province. St. Paul’s Youth House is a welfare facility for abused and orphaned children. Fifty people live in the house, including children, teachers, and helpers. The 4Life visitors provided lunch, played with the kids, helped with schoolwork, and delivered soccer jerseys and 4Life products.

“This was our first visit to St. Paul’s Youth House,” commented Tony. “Everything with the event went really well. This is the first step to creating more Foundation 4Life service activities throughout Korea. With distributors all over the country, we want to give love to those who are in need of our help.”

“I’m grateful to 4Life for organizing this activity,” remarked Sun Hyeon Jang. “It was a really val...

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