(November 2017) Many wonderful 4Life Taiwan distributors shared their love for children in need during a book and shoe donation ceremony at Yujing Elementary School in Tainan City. Distributors donated money and time to purchase new shoes and books for the children. In addition, distributors donated equipment for the school’s gym. This marks the fifth year of support from Foundation 4Life to Yujing Elementary School. 4Life Manager of International Christine Hartman presented the shoes and books to Principal Jiang, Long An. 

“My mom and dad work very hard to provide for our family,” one of the students wrote in a thank-you note. “They buy me a new pair of shoes every two to three years, but my shoes have holes within a year. Thank you, thank you, 4Life, for my new shoes! I will treasure them. I will help others someday like you are helping me now.” 

Stationery packs were also given to the children to encourage them to study hard and serve in the local community. After the donation pre...

(March 2016) Foundation 4Life made a donation to Yujing Elementary School to assist low-income families that were affected by an earthquake in Taiwan in February. Foundation 4Life supports the school with books, backpacks, and shoes. 

Local 4Life distributors conducted a fundraiser to help 50 families with tuition costs so that they could concentrate on rebuilding their homes. Foundation 4Life donated $2,500 USD to assist families with education costs, including tuition and other expenses. 

During a school anniversary celebration, 4Life Taiwan Marketing Manager George Ma presented the donation to school principal Zhou, Zhi Qiang. Mr. Zhou expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Foundation 4Life, and he presented a certification of appreciation to George Ma and International Diamond Fang, Xui Lan. 4Life Taiwan staff members presented gifts for the children and encouraged them to study hard so that they can make a difference in their community. 

“It is an honor and a privi...

(June 2014) 4Life distributors and employees came together to raise NTD $61,700 (more than $2,000 USD) to donate shoes to Yujing Elementary School in Tainan City, Taiwan. In 2013, 28 pairs of shoes were donated to the students. This year, the donation drive was even more successful! 

The donation was presented by 4Life Taiwan Market Manager George Ma. He commented, “4Life distributors and employees raised a generous amount of money and donated 48 pairs of shoes, along with baseball equipment and other gifts. Being able to support these children has been a tremendous experience.” 

This year’s event included a baseball tournament and a full day of fun activities, including a special “Thank you, 4Life” chant from the kids. The shoes will help children who would otherwise walk to school barefoot. Many students at this school come from families with very low incomes. 

The event was attended by several distributor leaders, including International Diamonds Chen, Ya Tzu; Fang, Mei Xiu; and...

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