As schools welcome back their students, we are excited to continue our partnership with ESTHER in Orlando, Florida to help meet the needs of as many students as we can. 1,700 students in and around the Orlando area will receive backpacks filled with supplies, new clothing and shoes, and other basic needs, such as food. Every child deserves to start the school year off the right way!

Foundation 4Life donated $10,000 to help assist with a few new programs this year. One school that we have adopted is Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School in Apopka Florida. Many families in this school are single moms and almost 100 percent of the children/families live below the line of poverty. The average number of students is 450-460.  Every student will receive a backpack filled with school supplies. 

There will also be an in house program for mothers to be able come to receive their children's school supplies, along with clothes, food, and new shoes for their children. We expect about 500...

Ten students at Granite Connection High School in Salt Lake City, Utah have been anxiously awaiting to receive scholarships to help them continue their education, but due to the pandemic, these students were not able to receive this assistance. Foundation 4Life was able to step in and honor these hard working students by donating $10,000 to this scholarship fund! Together, we are helping to break the cycle of poverty and help students all over the world continue their education!

Although this year of 2020 has brought upon many challenges and difficult times thus far, as a world together, we have all been able to take a step back and try to see these events with a new vision of understanding. Because of people like you, who continue to donate to our service efforts, a group of kids in Colombia were able to receive free eye exams and glasses if needed! These kids will be able to start seeing their own vision and dreams more clear as they plan for their futures. Thank you to all the 4Life Colombia office staff, lead by General Manager, Nao Lao! 

4Life Indonesia got together as a team and helped to renovate a local school. They painted walls, desks and chairs, helped with cleaning and basic landscaping to help beautify the school. They held a special ribbon cutting ceremony when the school was finished.

Platinum International Diamond, Ángel Molina has been no stranger to hardship. He grew up in the humble town of Corozal, Puerto Rico. After his parents divorced, Ángel became resentful and rebellious and fell behind in school. In 4th grade, a teacher noticed his struggle and began to personally mentor him, teaching him forgiveness and hope. Her kindness helped Ángel find a new life direction and paved the way for his success and desire to serve others.

Ángel has found an opportunity to help reshape the future of young men in Puerto Rico, who have experienced the same loss of hope and resentfulness. Ángel and his wife, Ivelisse founded the Kingdom Christian Academy, a nonprofit institution in Dorado, Puerto Rico, dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children from low-income or difficult backgrounds.

Through Ángel’s involvement with the academy, he met ten high school boys at different basketball tournaments. “I could see they were talented athletes, but they lacked the dis...

The ATEAM, lead by International Diamond, Janice Skeen, in Barberton, Ohio found out that right in their own community, 78% of the children were at risk and most of these children were only eating meals when at school. The children lost the ability to concentrate during school leading to lower test scores and poor behavior.

The ATEAM stepped up and wanted to help these kids by implementing a Snack Pack & Backpack program!  The ATEAM puts together snack packs filled with food items to be given to kids who won’t have meals to eat over the weekend as well as providing backpacks and basic school supplies. This program has been successful for seven years now and the results are amazing! The students on this program increased their academic performance by 11 percentile points compared to students who were not on the program. These students also showed improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress and depression and had better attitudes about themselves, others and the sch...

I am so happy to announce that David Guillén is our very first Foundation 4Life scholarship student to graduate from college! David lived at La Casa Rosada orphanage in the Dominican Republic for 12 years, where he learned how to work hard, be determined, and never give up! He overcame many obstacles, and now he’s a college graduate. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Foundation 4Life over the years. You have helped David achieve his goals and dreams. You have helped give him hope to achieve a better life for himself. 

I am so excited to share about the first Foundation 4Life project in China! In May of 2019 a library for a rural elementary school in Fujian, China was built. A ribbon ceremony was held on May 29 to commemorate the library opening at Kuitou Elementary School.

Vice President of Greater China Dave Nash attended the ceremony and spoke on behalf of 4Life. Other attendees included town Vice Secretary Li Kangzaikou and other government officials, as well as journalists, administrators, teachers, and students.

Donations were also used to provide furniture, computers, school supplies, and books for the facility. For many children, the school library is their only access to a computer. Nash: “We were thrilled to help build a library at Kuitou Elementary School to promote childhood learning. The library will provide resources to help children learn, grow, and be successful.” It is so amazing to see how our service efforts are moving around the world! 

Throughout the last year the students at Doña Justa Guido Memorial School in the Philippines are still making wonderful progress. The donations received have helped each of these students thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Most children are filled with excitement as they start a new school year. They look forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, and showing off their new backpacks and school clothes to their classmates. But for some kids, a new school year can bring stress, anxiety, and even embarrassment if they don’t have basic necessities and supplies. It can also be extremely stressful for parents who may not have the means to provide what their kids need to be successful.

International Diamond Janice Skeen and the ATEAM of Ohio have been rallying together to help make going back to school a special and exciting time for children in their local community. For the past several years, the ATEAM has provided weekend snack packs for kids at Barberton West Elementary in Ohio to help supplement meals when they aren’t in school. This year, along with the snack pack program, the ATEAM also provided the lucky children with backpacks and school supplies. 

Inspired by their efforts, 4Life Global Headqua...

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