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Preschool Success Stories from Guadalupe School

(February 2017) Foundation 4Life has sponsored the preschool at Guadalupe School in Salt Lake City, Utah for several years. Here are few success stories: A three year-old student attended the preschool program last year and was very shy and reserved. He often struggled with expressing his feelings and would constantly chew on his clothing. This year has been hard for him, as he’s faced a new classroom, new teachers, and new students. However, he now expresses his feelings through words instead of crying. He shows interest in learning, participates in discussions, and makes friends. He no longer chews on his clothing and seems more confident when interacting with others. At the beginning of the year, another three-year old student was shy and mostly played alone. With a main language of Spanish and very limited English skills, it was difficult for him to make friends and participate in classroom activities. Now, he can ask and answer questions in English, and he has become more cooperative during playtime and classroom activities. He’s more attentive to classroom rules and acts more cheerful at school. Two other students who were new to the preschool this year had a difficult time making friends. With the help of their teachers, they are very happy in the classroom and have made new friends. Also, they participate in small and large group activities. They invite others to play with them, and they come to school every day with big smiles on their faces. Early childhood education is a critical component to long-term academic success, especially for American children who speak English as a second language. Foundation 4Life values its sponsorship with the Guadalupe School because of the positive role the school plays in its community. The early childhood program sponsorship ensures that children get a proper start to their education. Often, young students motivate their parents to learn English and become more involved in their community. Foundation 4Life is truly building a legacy of service!

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