Mountain Mission School

Tiffany Carnal, a 4Life® distributor in Kentucky, invited Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen and me to visit the Mountain Mission School in Virginia. This school has provided a safe home for thousands of at-risk youth since 1921. Currently, more than 200 kids from more than 60 countries worldwide call Mountain Mission School home.

We had the opportunity to tour the campus, eat lunch with the kids, and talk with them about their hopes and dreams. It was truly inspiring to listen to how they overcame challenges and made their lives better.

After our visit, we immediately wanted to do something to support the school. We went to a store and filled our carts with supplies, toys, games, and goodies for the kids. Together, we helped bring hope to a few children that day, a hope that will inspire them and give them the courage to move forward in their lives and achieve their dreams.

When visiting special places like the Mountain Mission School, it’s always hard to put what I feel into words. I am filled with so much gratitude, knowing that there are special places that help provide children with basic needs, education, and love. Thank you, Tiffany Carnal, Anna Keck, and Hank and Deborah Gieseler for living the 4Life dream of service.