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A Girl’s Dream Came True

Raisa is a four-year-old girl from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, who saw her dream of having a family come true. When Raisa was 18 months old, she was abandoned at a local hospital because she is HIV-positive. Through the social welfare program, she was placed at the La Casa Rosada orphanage.

The sisters at La Casa Rosada cared for Raisa, diligently managed her medical condition, and provided psychological therapy sessions to help her overcome the challenges associated with abandonment. Raisa attended Foundation 4Life-sponsored preschool and kindergarten programs, and in July 2016, she received the happy news that she was going to be adopted. The sisters ensured that the process of connecting Raisa with her adoptive family was successful and joyful. One of Raisa’s therapists said, “When she discovered she would live with this new family permanently, she was overflowing with happiness and told everyone she knew, ‘I have a dad!’”

Raisa will always remember July 29 as the day she became a part of a permanent family. Now, Raisa is happy and thriving. Foundation 4Life is thankful for the amazing care provided by the sisters at La Casa Rosada. Together, 4Life distributors and employees are building a better future for children like Raisa.


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