(February 2017) 4Life Japan hosted high school students and instructors from the Seibo Aijien orphanage in Yokohama, Kanagawa for a special career-focused program. 

4Life Japan has supported Seibo Aijien, which currently houses 70 children, since 2008. Staff members care for children who need a nurturing place to live. The children must leave the orphanage after high school, so this event was a great resource to help prepare them. 

During the visit, students toured the office and learned about 4Life products and the many different roles that corporate employees fill. Students learned about the many career options they can pursue, depending on their skills and interests. They also learned about the importance of exercise and nutrition. 

Japan General Manager Yutaka Nagahama: “It was a pleasure to visit with the students and help them realize that they have many options for the future.” 

Japan Foundation 4Life Coordinator Naoaki Miyakawa: “We began working with these students when th...

(May 2014) During a visit to Sousei House in Okinawa, Japan, the Foundation 4Life team engaged with children and adults with autism and other special needs. The establishment provides therapy programs for participants during the week. There is no cost for enrollment and everyone is welcome. There were several distributors in attendance, including Gold International Diamond Tadashi Shinjo, along with 4Life® Japan General Manager Yuichi Arima and other staff members. 

The group began by taking a nature walk with young adults who struggle with autism and Down syndrome. The 4Life team participated in music therapy and distributed 4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray, backpacks, and art supplies to the young adults and children. 4Life also donated woodworking tools so the participants can learn skills to help support themselves. Throughout the day, the children bonded with the 4Life group, talking with them and even holding their hands. It was incredible to see these happy children, who fac...

(October 2011) Over the past four years, the 4Life Japan office has developed a long-term relationship with the kids and staff members at Seibo Aijien orphanage in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. Seibo Aijien houses about 50 children between the ages of two and 18. In October 2011, the Japan office held their fourth annual Halloween party for 24 of the kids from Seibo Aijien, plus four staff members. They played shooting games, decorated cookies, held a fancy dress contest, played a treasure-hunting game, and performed science experiments.

“Every year I look forward to the opportunity of seeing the children of Seibo Aijien orphanage,” commented 4Life staff member Naoaki Miyakawa. “Through this annual event, we are building a good relationship with them. We hope to continue providing support for the orphanage in the future.” 

“We are always grateful to attend this heartwarming party every year,” said orphanage director Mr. Shinichiro Sato. “The efforts of the 4Life staff make the children...

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, 4Life executives encouraged distributors and employees worldwide to contribute to the relief effort. From March 11 through April 15, distributors, executives, and employees donated nearly $60,000 and Foundation 4Life matched each dollar donated. With additional support, the contributions totaled $122,000 USD. The original $50,000 pledged by Foundation 4Life after the disasters was used to help distributors repair damages to their homes and provide food, disaster relief, and essential supplies such as hygiene kits and home provisions. The additional funds donated helped more people within the 4Life family and others in communities hardest hit by the disasters and on-going aftershocks. 4Life Japan office staff members worked to offer relief to those directly connected to 4Life, including distributors, employees, and family members. 4Life distributor Keiko Suzuki had the first floor of her home flooded by the tsu...

We want to express our heartfelt concern for everyone who has been impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan. We truly are a global family, and when some of our family members are suffering, we feel that pain as well.  

We have accounted for all 4Life leaders in the affected areas. We have requested that leaders notify the Japan office if distributors in their organizations need help or have sustained extreme damages to life or property. The 4Life Japan offices are working to offer relief to those directly connected to our 4Life family. They have isolated those distributors who are in immediate need.  

We are extremely grateful for the tremendous worldwide support we have received for Foundation 4Life® efforts in Japan. Foundation 4Life has committed an initial $50,000 USD to the relief efforts and will continue to assess needs to determine if additional funds are necessary. Numerous distributors and employees have made donations and Foundation 4Life is match...

On behalf of our 4Life® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, and the entire 4Life family, we express our deepest concern and sympathy for the people of Japan. The effects of the recent 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami have devastated the entire country. An escalating nuclear crisis, weather, losses of power, sanitation, and lack of food are among the many challenges people continue to face. The human and material damage is immense. To date, the tragic loss of life exceeds 6,900 people with at least 10,700 still missing. 

Through communication with the 4Life Japan office, we know that out of 152 distributors who live in the area affected by the quake and tsunami, nine are missing. Phone lines that would help connect us to these missing people are still down, but we are continuing to search. Volunteers are not able to access parts of the devastated areas right now and shipments are limited; but once access is regained, we can move forward with additional support.

Together, we...

October 2010 - For the third year running, 4Life Japan executives and employees invited the kids at Seibo Aijien orphanage to a Halloween party at the Tokyo office. As part of the event, the kids enjoyed a shooting game and mini-soccer, as well as costume and cake decorating contests. “I really enjoyed the event. I felt closer to the children by having fun with them. I’m glad I could help them,” shared 4Life staff member Mr. Usui. 4Life distributors donated funds to Foundation 4Life through a special service campaign pack, and the funds were then donated to Seibo Aijien. Those funds were matched by Foundation 4Life. The event was held as part of 4Life Japan’s ongoing involvement with the orphanage.

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