4Life Malaysia partnered with The Selangor Children’s Charity Association, which provides housing for around 60 children, from infants to teenagers. The kids come from various backgrounds. Some were abandoned and forced to live in the streets—some  have parents in prison and others were left as small babies. It is a struggle each month to keep these children fed and provide them with school supplies, and other basic needs.

When the holidays came around, Cher Lyn Tan, the General Manager of Malaysia visited the home and quickly realized they had nothing. The cupboards were bare and the fridge was empty. She informed the 4Life Malaysia office of the Association’s needs, and they joined together to stock the house with food, infant formula, diapers, and fresh fruit!

They also shared a special day with the children and treated them to a movie and lunch. After lunch, each child was able to pick out a new pair of shoes! The Malaysia office and distributors have committed to donating groceries...

(December 2016) A back-to-school event was held at the Nur Iman Orphanage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 20 children were excited to receive new school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and stationery. Several bunk beds were donated so children could sleep in their own bed. Plus, the orphanage received new cooking equipment to make meal preparation more efficient. 

All of this was made possible by generous distributor donations at the Foundation 4Life “Art by Precious Little Hands” auction during the 4Life Malaysia and Singapore 2016 United Convention. During the auction, 11-year-old Siti Solelah and 14-year-old Khairul Ridzuan, students at Nur Iman, expressed their gratitude for Foundation 4Life scholarships that make their educational opportunities possible. 

About 25 people attended the donation event, including distributors and orphanage staff members. Gold International Diamonds Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita, and Norazizah Ruslan attended. They were h...

(November 2016) During the 4Life® Malaysia and Singapore Convention, Foundation 4Life unveiled the “Art by Precious Little Hands” gallery, 20 pieces of colorful artwork done by kids and teens at Nur Iman Orphanage. These pieces were auctioned and sold off successfully, raising an estimated $2,700 for Foundation 4Life to help support local service projects. 4Life distributors were impressed with the artwork and stories by the young artists.  

Local staff members and 4Life distributors attended the silent auction and gave generous support toward this project. Distributors in attendance included Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, and Sheri Din, and Gold International Diamonds Salim Raghavan and Noor Azlina, Fadzli Salim and Siti Zuraidah, and Richard and Nancy Quek. 

Foundation 4Life has supported Nur Iman Orphanage since 2013 and looks forward to continuing to help the children there accomplish their educational goals.

(February 2016) 4Life Malaysia staff members and local distributors attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for new bathroom facilities at Ace Lighthouse Academy in Bentong, Pahang. Foundation 4Life has supported the Ace Lighthouse Academy since 2014, with past donations of cabinets, storage racks, and shoes, plus groceries and 4Life products every month. 

The most recent donation of five toilets and one large hand washing station will improve sanitation and give kids a healthy environment in which to live and learn. “The children really enjoy the new bathroom facilities,” commented an academy caregiver. “They no longer have to wait in long lines to use the bathroom and can shower in more sanitary conditions. This will improve their hygiene and confidence.” 

In addition, 4Life products were donated by the 4Life Malaysia office. As part of the ribbon-cutting event, the children residing at the academy were treated to Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizzas, and treats contributed by Foundation 4Lif...

(November 2015) During the 4Life® Malaysia and Singapore convention, President and CEO Steve Tew presented a “Making Education Possible” Foundation 4Life donation check to Nur Iman Orphanage Founder Madam Sharimah. Nur Iman orphanage in Kuala Lumpur offers education, care, love, and security to children by giving them a good start in life. Foundation 4Life provides school supplies to the orphanage and assists with tuition and uniform costs. And in October of 2015, Foundation 4Life and local distributors donated a van so the kids could travel safely to school. 

Two children from Nur Iman—Siti Solehah and Mohammad Azif Saidon—were invited to the convention. They thanked 4Life distributors for the opportunity to receive an education. Madam Sharimah accepted a flower bouquet from 4Life executives for the service she provides for children in the orphanage. She said, “Thank you, Foundation 4Life and 4Life, for supporting the children of Nur Iman.” 

Foundation 4Life will cont...

(December 2014) Severe flooding displaced hundreds of thousands of people throughout Malaysia and Thailand. The northeastern Malaysian states of Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang were particularly hard hit, with dozens of deaths due to downpour and flash flooding. With a 4Life office in Kelantan, Foundation 4Life teamed up with corporate employees and local distributors to provide immediate support to 4Life family members in need. 

“Electricity is down in most areas and water supplies are compromised,” commented 4Life Malaysia General Manager Cher Lyn Tan. “The entire region has been devastated. Telephone lines are down and the city infrastructure is at risk. We know that the homes of 4Life distributors have been hit. Right now, a food supply channel is critical.” 

In response to the natural disaster, employees and distributors met at the 4Life Malaysia office outside Kuala Lumpur to prepare food deliveries. They sent 850 kilograms (nearly 2,000 pounds) of canned food, bread, water, m...

(May 2014) 4Life® distributors and 4Life Malaysia staff members joined the Foundation 4Life team for a visit to the Kuala Lumpur Aquarium with children from the Nur Iman orphanage. 4Life provided the children with goodie bags that included treats and snacks for the bus ride. The children were so excited at first that they could hardly take in all of the marine life. But, they were soon captivated by the animals and exhibits, especially the live fish feeding session and the giant octopus. 

After the outing, the group returned to the orphanage for a catered fried chicken lunch, a guitar sing-a-long, and games, including the Malaysian/Thai game sepak takraw. This special day was a treasured opportunity for the children to experience the commitment and love of the 4Life family. 

Foundation 4Life provides ongoing support to the orphanage, such as back-to-school supplies and funds to assist with tuition and school uniforms. The visit was a special treat for 4Life distributors, who saw firs...

(May 2014) Foundation 4Life has initiated a partnership with a group home in the mountains of Malaysia for children from extremely underprivileged families. The home is run by a generous couple who cashed in their retirement in order to provide brighter futures and better lives for more than 40 children. At the home, the children are given food, clothing, and a safe place to live while they receive an education. 

4Life® team members, including Gold International Diamonds Richard and Nancy Quek, visited the home to donate food, sleeping pads, and other furniture. “We are excited to be here today and to have so many group members involved in this partnership,” commented Richard and Nancy. “We look forward to visiting again and we hope to bring even more 4Life distributors.” 

The home receives limited donations, so the owners are extremely grateful for the ongoing monthly donation of groceries from Foundation 4Life. The donations provide the children with fresh fruits and vegetables, so...

(January 2014) 4Life Malaysia held a special event to present donated school uniforms, shoes, socks, and stationery sets to 37 children at the House of Love, a home in Selangor, Malaysia for orphans, and abused, abandoned, or neglected children. The donation coincided with the beginning of the new school term. 

4Life attendees included Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan; 4Life Service Coordinator Jenna Lisonbee; Manager, International Matt Lisonbee; 4Life Malaysia Director of Regional Business and Field Development Shawn Soh. The 4Life guests presented the gifts and the entire group enjoyed a delicious fried chicken meal. And, Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan helped end the event on a sweet note, with custom-made cupcakes for everyone. 

“There is a strong sense of love that radiates from this house,” commented Matt Lisonbee. “This home is run by people who care and give hope to children. The House of Love is making a difference in the lives of childr...

(December 2013) 4Life Malaysia held a “Back to School” event at Nur Iman Orphanage Home (PPNI) in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The orphanage’s mission is to provide education, care, love, and security to children by giving them a good start in life. For the 4Life event, 45 children at the orphanage welcomed Gold International Diamonds Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita and Gold International Diamonds Dr. Sani Ashari and Norazizah Ruslan, as well as other distributor leaders and 4Life Malaysia executives and staff members. 

Donated funds, collected from distributors and provided by Foundation 4Life, were used to purchase school supplies, uniforms, school shoes, socks, and stationery sets for the children. After 4Life school bags were distributed, everyone in attendance enjoyed a special lunch. 

“We are proud to support Foundation 4Life, which undertakes a great responsibility to help those in need,” commented Rasid Kamisan and Hasrunita. “We hope meaningful events like these can help mor...

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