(January 2017) Several days of torrential rain in the southern region of Thailand resulted in severe flooding. Most of the southern provinces were affected, leaving dozens of people dead and millions of people displaced. Experts called it the worst rainfall in the country in 30 years. 

4Life distributors and staff members responded to the devastation, uniting together to support their communities with food, drinking water, and other relief supplies. 

You can help by making a donation today. Foundation 4Life will match donations to double the amount of support and provide even greater assistance to people who are in desperate need of help. Donate today!

(December 2014) Severe flooding displaced hundreds of thousands of people throughout Malaysia and Thailand. The northeastern Malaysian states of Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang were particularly hard hit, with dozens of deaths due to downpour and flash flooding. With a 4Life office in Kelantan, Foundation 4Life teamed up with corporate employees and local distributors to provide immediate support to 4Life family members in need. 

“Electricity is down in most areas and water supplies are compromised,” commented 4Life Malaysia General Manager Cher Lyn Tan. “The entire region has been devastated. Telephone lines are down and the city infrastructure is at risk. We know that the homes of 4Life distributors have been hit. Right now, a food supply channel is critical.” 

In response to the natural disaster, employees and distributors met at the 4Life Malaysia office outside Kuala Lumpur to prepare food deliveries. They sent 850 kilograms (nearly 2,000 pounds) of canned food, bread, water, m...

Throughout the fall of 2011, Thailand experienced the worst flooding that the country had seen in half a century. Millions of people were affected, and flood waters spread to over 25 provinces. 4Life distributors, executives, and employees raised over $40,000 to help aid the relief efforts in Thailand following the flooding. Foundation 4Life matched all Thailand donations to serve as many 4Life family members as possible who were affected by this natural disaster. 

Flood waters have now receded and Foundation 4Life continues to work closely with the 4Life Thailand office to assess the needs of 4Life employees and distributors in the area. Please check back for additional updates on conditions in Thailand so you can find out how your donations are helping others.

Dear 4Life Distributors, 

On behalf of our 4Life® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee and the entire 4Life family, we express our deepest concern and sympathy for the people of Thailand. Due to an unusually heavy monsoon season, the overflowing of dam reservoirs and rivers has triggered the worst flooding in decades. The flood waters have swept across huge parts of central Thailand and threatened to inundate Bangkok, the country’s capital. 

Many of the people in this region are still trying to determine the extent of the damage to their homes and livelihood. Business production in many areas has been brought to a halt as a result of acres of swamped farm land and factory closures. To date, the tragic loss of life exceeds 550 people.

Through communication with the Thailand office, which remains open, 4Life is assessing the needs in the area and determining the best way to serve distributors and assist with relief efforts. Of immediate need is the relocation of those whose homes are to...

(October 2011) Thailand is currently experiencing the worst flooding that the country has seen in half a century. Millions of people have already been affected, and flood waters have spread to over 25 provinces. With 4Life leaders, distributors and staff members among those whose homes and lives are being threatened by this ongoing disaster, the entire 4Life family is watching the situation closely. Foundation 4Life is currently working with the Southeast Asia 4Life Vice President Michael Seet and other local 4Life staff members to monitor the situation and assess future damages. Foundation 4Life is committed to build people, families, and communities wherever 4Life conducts business, and will monitor the needs of our 4Life family as this calamity develops.

(November 2010) As part of the fourth anniversary of 4Life Thailand, executives and distributors sponsored a lunch event and made a donation to the Foundation for the Blind. Established in 1939, this charitable organization focuses on helping blind people develop the knowledge and experience required to perform daily tasks. The foundation also provides general education and professional training so people with visual disabilities can live as happy members of society.

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